We are a cosmetology school with a positive mission. Be a part of an energetic, innovative, and vibrant atmosphere. The knowledge and experiences you gain here are rich beyond compare.

Our instructors are heavy hitters at the top of their game. Our programs include hair cutting, color, texture services, nail care, makeup application, business development, business operations, retail strategies and the know-how to gain and retain clients.

There are so many career opportunities with a cosmetology license. Here are just a few That we can help make possible.

Salon stylist
Salon owner
Personal stylist
Hair Colorist
Platform Artist
Distributor Sales Consultant
Cosmetic Buyer
Salon Trainer
Fashion show stylist
Film, theatre, television
Editorial/advertising stylist
Educator/platform artist
Artistic director
Cosmetic counter
Cosmetology Writer
Cosmetology Editor
Hair, makeup and skin specialty retailers
State Board Member
State Licensing Inspector or Examiner
Manicurist and Pedicurist
Celebrity Stylist
Makeup artist

Opportunity Awaits You

With so many people facing uncertainties with unemployment, there is no better time to start on a path to a career in cosmetology. Right now is the perfect opportunity to make a smart move!

The best part?

With out accelerated program options, you can now complete your training in a fraction of the time traditional schools take; meaning you’ll start making money faster!

Embrace Creativity and Change

Express your creativity while you gain the real-world experience you need to go far as a part of our in-depth, multifaceted cosmetology programs.

You might be reflecting on how haircuts, hairstyles and hair color techniques have evolved over the years, but that’s not all that has changed! Beauty school curriculum has changed and evolved drastically throughout the years with so many exciting trends through innovation, science and technology.

We take change and your career seriously. Cosmetology is one of the fastest growing professions, with huge growth in the next decade depending on which job you pursue! We believe that students should not just stay up on the latest trends but also have the tools to keep their personal brand and business up to par with industry demands. You’ll learn the business skills from instructors that have been in the business for decades who can show you how to create a profitable career in beauty. Our success model is designed to ensure you find successful futures in salons or spas after graduation, even in the middle of unique times.

It’s Never Too Late

Did you shy away from beauty school because you felt you’re “too old” or “won’t fit in”? No one is too old or not right for our school. If you are excited about all the possibilities a career in the industry can bring, we’re going to share a secret with you: if you’ve got a little wisdom in the ways of the world, going to school might be easier for you than some younger folks! We are here to tell you that you don’t have to be afraid! 🙂

Insist on Raising the Bar

The beauty industry moves at a rapid pace. The latest and greatest tools and trends change for the better and easier every day! Our students love to experiment with new norms and absorbing information that will help them succeed.

We prep our students for the real world. There’s nothing we want more than to create highly-prepared and excited students! We want them to always be ready to take on the newest challenges. That’s why we  continue to raise the level of education we offer because we know it’s what is best for our students.

If working in the beauty industry is your goal, you can achieve it with us!